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Through the Eyes of a Child

Large, majestic animals towering up high. The sweet buttery smell of popcorn and cheese nachos fills my nostrils. Oh, and something else…animals? We walk up to a ginormous red and yellow tent and nice men in red hats greet us.

“Hold on honey, there are a lot of people here.” Mommy is talking to me and holding tight to my hand but there’s so much around me I want to see. Bright lights, clowns, and animals. Oh, I cannot wait to see the animals!

The show is about to start. The lights dim and then a loud, deep voice echoes through the tent. A tall man in a suit starts speaking into the microphone. He sounds just like I always imagined he would.

A short while later, the tigers enter the ring, I cannot believe I’m so close! I can see their muscles flex as they move. I can see their teeth and hear their breathing. This is one of the coolest moments of my life and I can hardly believe I’m here! I look up at my mommy and she’s smiling. I squeeze her arm. My daddy is leaned forward in his seat, his chin resting on this hands. He looks at me, smiles then rubs my hair and tells me to keep watching so I don’t miss anything.

shrine circus, circus, entertainment, concessions, elephants, lions, tigersOoh, I chomp on the popcorn and sip my slushie while the music blares around me. I cannot believe how cool this is. This is the perfect moment. I never want to forget how amazing this is.

The clown comes out next. A real, actual, clown with orange hair and a red nose! Just like I always saw in books and movies. He has a whistle and is really silly. Everyone around me is laughing.

Next there are so many horses. They’re really pretty. A lady is talking to them and it seems like they’re listening to her. They are dancing around in the ring. Wow, I love horses!

The combination of this popcorn, slushie and animals is so amazing. I never want this night to end.

Next up the elephants come out. The actual, real, huge, elephants! I have waited my entire life for this moment. Mommy squeezes my hand with excitement, she must have known! I watch and watch as so many of my dreams come true before my eyes. I get to see elephants, tigers, horses and jugglers. Wow.

Erika Zerbini, Zerbini, Tarzan Zerbini, horse whisperer, circus, entertainment, elephants, horsesIt’s break-time. I look at my mommy and it’s as though she can read my mind. She grabs my hand and races me over to the elephant ride. I look at her and it’s like she already knows the answer “Yes honey, you can ride the elephant.” I cannot believe how cool my mommy is. I climb onto a ginormous elephant and feel it sway as it walks around the ring. I’m so high up, even my daddy looks small. I hold on tight and enjoy every second.

When it’s time to get down, I cannot stop smiling, my cheeks hurt.

I don’t want this show to end. I’m reminding myself of every detail so I can keep watching in my head. My hands and face are sticky with cotton candy but my heart is so happy! I have the coolest parents ever!


The Shrine Circus is wonderful for children of all ages, however, the impact on a little child is nothing short of magical. Do yourself, your friends and your children a favour. Get a ticket, and take your family to the Shrine Circus. These memories will last a lifetime. Use promo code FUN to take advantage of our 2 for 1 promo. See you under the Big Top!

The Age Old Craft of Live Entertainment

Lions, and tigers and horses, oh my! There is a buzz building around us. Kids of all ages are getting giddily excited and counting down the days until the Shrine Circus comes to a city near them!

Our tour has been a fantastic success with many of our shows sold out. There is an excellent reason why! Visit our Facebook page and Twitter account to read what many of our attendees had to say about our performance!

We live in a gizmo/gadget/smart device kind of world. One in which kids often play with devices or stare at screens. When entertainment is as easy to find as switching on a device, it can be easy to lose sight of the value in the age old craft of live entertainment. This is why we’re here to celebrate our 250th year of performing, entertaining families and making memories with you…our fans!

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We can’t wait for you to join our family as we flip high into the sky, as we mesmerize and entertain you with the fruits of our labour and our beloved friends the elephants, tigers and horses of the Shrine Circus.

Bring your children, your neighbours and your families to sit back and be transported by entertainment that has been perfected with time, hard work and skill. Grab some popcorn and allow us to treat your family to a wonderful evening you will not forget any time soon. Every child deserves to visit the circus even once; after all, it’s what memories are made of!

Why not take advantage of our fantastic deal to get 2 tickets for the price of 1. Be sure to use promo code “FUN”! It’s the perfect time to enjoy a fantastic show surrounded by the people you love watching performers showcase their talents and passion. We look forward to seeing you under the Big Top!

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For the Love of Animals

There are many circuses out there, some that share our name, but few if any that share our values and commitment to professionalism and excellence when it comes to the well being of our animals. Our family has devoted 250 years to working with and training animals. We are proud of our circus families and the extraordinary care and attention our animals receive.

Our travel schedule is centered around our animals’ needs.  We are proud to say that our show tour has far less travel than most other productions.

For the few trips during our season which are multi-day trips, we have a network of locations where we can safely and comfortably house both our domestic and exotic animals.  These locations generally include fairgrounds, species appropriate boarding facilities and private properties.

Not only do we monitor the status of our animals during the trip, we never travel more than two hours without stopping for water, food and relaxation. This is only one of the many ways we exemplify our love and care for our animals, as well as how we differentiate ourselves from other circuses.

Studies have shown that elephants live longer traveling in circuses than they do in zoos or in the wild as they have a constant change of scenery which helps stimulate these highly intelligent creatures. Performing provides our animals with exercise and giving elephant rides keeps them physically healthy which in turn, increases their expected life span.

shrine circus, elephants, cleaning animals, shrine loves animals, animal care, happy elephants

Our animals are fed daily and watered at least five times a day. Their diet consists of grain, hay (which they have access to around the clock) fresh fruits and vegetables. They are bathed daily and their toenails are trimmed once a month.

At home, our elephants have ten acres and a pond to play in when the weather permits. In bad weather they have a large indoor exercise area.

Our circus’ animal care standards exceed governmental regulation. Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement, such as food rewards and words of praise. The relationship between animals and humans is built on mutual respect, trust and affection.

We are visited regularly by the United States Department of Agriculture, which carefully reviews our housing, feeding, housekeeping and ventilation practices.

So when you come out to visit us and take in one of our shows, rest assured the talent and professionalism you see on stage is mirrored by special care and attention to our animals behind the scenes. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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The #ShrineCircus is coming to a city near you!

The circus is coming! The circus is coming! School’s out for the summer and the kids just wanna have fun.

shrine circus, big top

There’s something magical about seeing tigers, elephants, clowns and acrobats perform while sitting under a large white tent; the smell of buttery popcorn wafting through the air. It’s the stuff childhood memories are made of and it’s coming to a city near you. Many of us have fond memories of visiting the circus when we were children, it’s time to share those same beautiful memories with our own families.

Did you know that the Zerbini Family Circus began in Paris, France in 1763?  Since then, ten generations of Zerbinis have traveled the world sharing their talents with circus audiences on three continents. This year marks the Zerbini Family Circus’ 250th Anniversary Celebration at the Shrine Circus

Toronto Shrine Circus

The Circus Is Coming!

After enormous success in Calgary and Toronto, the Shrine’s circus will be making its way to Quebec August 15th-September 22nd.

Be sure to take your friends, families and neighbours to see the elephants, tigers and horses perform.

Check out the following dates, mark you calendars and tell your friends. The circus is coming to town and you do NOT want to miss it!.



Rexdale (Jun 21-Jul 1),

Brampton (Jul 5-14),

Vaughan (Jul 18-21),

Oakville (Jul 25-28),

Markham (Aug 2-5) &

Ottawa (Aug 9-11)



Pincourt (Aug 15-18),

Lachute (Aug 22-25), &

Laval (Sept 12-22)

Stay up to date with exciting updates, special prizes and giveaways and cool news on the Shrine Circus by following us on Twitter and Faceboook.

Make sure to buy your tickets today. General Admission tickets cost $30 and VIP Ringside Seating tickets are $40.

To make this event even more affordable for families, use the coupon code FUN to get 2 tickets for the price of one! Please note that the coupon code can only be used on General Admission not VIP seating tickets.

Make sure that you don’t miss any of the fun with the Shrine Circus as it tours through Canada by Liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram.

Le cirque s’en vient

Le cirque s’en vient ! Le cirque s’en vient ! L’école est finie pour l’été et les enfants veulent s’amuser. Il y a quelque chose de magique à voir des tigres, des éléphants, des clowns et des acrobates effectuer des pirouettes alors que vous êtes assis sous un grand chapiteau blanc avec une odeur de maïs soufflé au beurre dans l’air.923471_548601248524819_626289451_n

Le cirque fait partie des activités dont sont faits les souvenirs d’enfance et maintenant il s’en vient dans une ville près de chez vous. Beaucoup d’entre nous ont de bons souvenirs de la visite du cirque quand nous étions enfants; il est temps de partager ces mêmes beaux souvenirs avec nos propres enfants.

Saviez-vous que le cirque de la famille Zerbini a commencé à Paris en France en 1763 ? Depuis, dix générations de Zerbinis ont parcouru le monde pour partager leur talent avec des amateurs du cirque et ce, sur trois continents. Cette année marque le 250e anniversaire du cirque de la famille Zerbini au Cirque Shrine !

Shrine Circus, le cirque Shrine

Le Cirque s’en vient !

Après un énorme succès à Calgary et à Toronto, le cirque Shrine vient au Québec du 22 août au 15 septembre. Amenez amis, familles et voisins pour voir les éléphants, les tigres et les chevaux en performance.

Consultez les dates suivantes. Marquez vos calendriers et dites-le à vos amis. Le cirque arrive en ville et vous ne voulez pas le manquer !


Rexdale (21 juin au 1er juillet)

Brampton (5 au 14 juillet)

Vaughan (18 au 21 juillet)

Oakville (25 au 28 juillet)

Markham (2 au 5 août)

Ottawa (9 à 11 août)



Pincourt (15 au 18 août)

Lachute (22 au 25 août)

Laval (12 au 22 septembre)


le cirque Shrine

Assurez-vous d’acheter vos billets dès aujourd’hui. Les billets d’admission générale coûtent 30 $ et les billets VIP Ringside sont 40 $.

Pour rendre cet événement encore plus abordable pour vos familles, utilisez le code promo “FUN” pour recevoir 2 billets pour le prix d’un ! Veuillez noter que ce code peut seulement être utilisé pour le réseau d’admission générale et non pas pour les sièges VIP.

Restez au courant avec des mises à jour intéressantes, des prix spéciaux et des nouvelles sur le cirque Shriners en nous suivant sur Twitter et Facebook.